Friday, September 24, 2010

Tony Knowles Coastal Trail

Today while running errands, we passed through downtown. I was looking out the window and caught sight of the water. I got Will to drive down toward it and we found a cute little park overlooking the coastline. We took a stroll down the path which connected to the Tony Knowles Coastal Trail. Mama and I had wanted to walk the path while she was here, but we didn't make the time. It's an 11-mile trail from downtown to Kincaid Park. We only walked a short while since there was a cold wind and I only had on a thin sweater. It's a perfect trail for bikers and joggers. There was a wide range of people from casual strollers like us to hardcore runners to mom and child pairs on bikes. I thought I would get strange looks because I was wearing my interview outfit from earlier, but no one batted an eye.

lots of warning signs
taking a stroll down Tony Knowles Coastal Trail
Will looking at the mud flats
statue of a strange small child
whale slide

Tony Knowles Coastal Trail
Downtown Anchorage

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