Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Lunar Eclipse

For the first time since December 21, 1638 Winter Solstice and a lunar eclipse happened on the same night. If it weren't for this landmark of an occasion, I would have stayed tightly wrapped in my blanket cocoon watching Lie to Me on my computer. The curiosity was strong enough to get me up and bundled up in my scarf, coat, and boots and out onto our balcony. (Sidebar: I'm horrible with directions.  Even if I did know the direction of the moon, I wouldn't know which way to face.) After a few minutes of searching, I located the moon above the tree in our complex. The moon was especially far away today so it wasn't as good of a view as I was expecting, but eclipses are always pretty cool to see.  For those of you who missed it due to sleep, cloud cover, laziness, etc. I took a picture so you can pretend like you did.

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