Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Weekend Wrap Up

My weekend, in a word, was amazing. You may have noticed that I have many amazing weekends. Well, I have an explanation for that: I am an amazing person. Since I am so amazing, I'm entitled to have amazing weekends. Understand?

Anyway, my lucky duck of a husband got a three-day weekend. As usual I had a regular Saturday and Sunday weekend. We made the most of it with runs to the BX and the purchase of a new computer desk. Now we have a designated spot for all our paper piles and the printer. And to celebrate our new piece of furniture, we bought a desktop computer (crazy, I know). I'm so in love with it! Our laptops are our for our games and stupid downloads and for the general crap one does when on a computer. The desktop is for...um...other games and movies...and stuff. Lol, all I know is that we're not letting this computer get bogged down with the sludge that ended up in our laptops.

Not all the weekend was so epic. My heart was absolutely completely broken with my Hawks' loss to the Bears. I had all the faith and belief in them, and they couldn't pull out the win. As always, I still love my team.

The mister and I took in a movie on Sunday with some of his friends. If you want a good comedy, I highly recommend The Green Hornet.

And that, in a nutshell was my amazing weekend. So far the beginning of this work week has been fairly kind to me. I love my life!

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