Friday, September 30, 2011

Bella Befana Bazaar

The Aviano Officer and Civilian Spouses' Club puts together a bazaar featuring vendors from across Europe as a fundraiser for AOCSC philanthropic giving and educational scholarships. Will and I went to check it out, not really knowing what to expect. There were all different kinds of vendors: food, furniture, knick knacks, clothes...everything really. Like the fat kids in disguise that we are, we bought a lot of food. We meant to go again before the last day to shop for reals, but we got lazy. I guess that's a good thing though because we really shouldn't be spending a lot of money.

candied nuts
chocolate covered Belgian waffle
smoked cheese
German wine

As I was spreading our deliciousness out across the table for a feast, we got an unwelcome visitor.

nasty bug

It's some kind of silverfish on crack or something. I screamed and stood on a chair until Will took care of it. And by "took care of it", I mean he punched it.

Will punching the nasty bug

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