Saturday, September 24, 2011


Despite not knowing when our gas will be turned on...
Despite not having a bed or any other furniture...
Despite the ridiculously early hour...

moving in
moving in

Will and I were as giddy as children on the morning of their birthdays or Christmas. We finally got our keys to our new Italian home!!! We stocked up on cleaning supplies and other necessities for the house so I could give the house a good cleaning before the movers delivered our things.

We had some terrifying fun catching stink bugs and tossing them out the windows. When we pulled down the screens we found their favorite hiding spots. They were attached to almost every screen we pulled down. They hop around and squirm until you throw them, then all of a sudden they know how to fly. I'm counting my blessings though. I'd rather deal with stink bugs than spiders and lizards.

stink bugs

The biggest comedic moment of the day was picking up our new futon from the warehouse. We weren't completely sure we'd be able to fit it in our little Focus, but we had to try. The guy took our receipt, pulled out the boxes, and took off on a forklift to another warehouse. I'm not sure what we would have done if my Tetris skills weren't on epic level. We pushed both seats all the way forward and angled/wedged everything in. In hindsight, we probably should keep bungee cords in the trunk for times like these.

Will had to scrunch down in the backseat and used my jacket to sort of hide. I had to drive with my elbows touching the seat behind me. Every time I turned, I had to scoot the wheel instead of turning it fluidly. I was paranoid someone would hit us or the police would catch us. I'm pretty sure Will took a nap back there. Luckily it was a quick shot down the road to our house.

While I cleaned, Will put together our futon. It'll be our bed until our shipment comes in. Hopefully by the end of the week according to TMO. After that, we'll use it as a guest bed/couch in the guest room/game room.

The kitchen was the first thing I set up and we made sandwiches for our first meal. I had a pb&j. Will had a turkey. I foresee a lot of sandwiches until our gas is turned on on Tuesday. Then we graduate to Top Ramen.

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