Sunday, October 23, 2011

Festa della Zucca

Festa della Zucca pamphlet
When entering the town gates, we were handed this.
Legend has it, the medieval town of Venzone hired an artist to create a golden globe for the top of their tower clock. They only had enough money to pay him a third of his rate so he tricked them by painting a pumpkin and placing atop the tower. The town didn't realize his trick until the pumpkin began rotting and falling.

Venzone tower
The infamous tower (with a real golden sphere)
True or not, the town hosts a pumpkin festival within their walls every year. They have performances, medieval reenactments, vendors, and lots of pumpkins.

pumpkin pastry
The pastry was AMAZING! Ignore Will's crew chief fingernails.
festa della zucca
A ceremony of some sort before dancers performed in the square.
medieval sword fight
Sword fights
feather and bead earrings
My pretty new earrings!
The town is about an hour away from Aviano Air Base, so it was a good day trip. Luckily it was a great driving day. It rained a bit toward the end of our time at the festival. We would have stayed longer, but as soon as Will felt that first drop hit he was done.

driving in Italy
Great day for a drive.

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