Wednesday, November 3, 2010

New Job!

Today marks my first weekaversary at Providence Alaska Medical Center! I wasn't sure I would be offered the job since it was such a long gap between my interview and getting a call back, but it all worked out!

[pause for applause]

It has been a fairly painless process. I have a year of admitting experience in the ED so I have a bit of a clue on what's what. But they have so many different processes and procedures. It's hard untraining what I learned at my last hospital and retraining it to think on the same subject in a completely different way. I have a great battle buddy going through it all with me. Shelby and I went through orientation and now department training together. It's nice having someone to struggle along with me.

Work is a nice distraction. Distraction? Oh right, Will left me for three weeks! Didn't you just get married like a month ago? Why yes! Yes, we did. But don't you know, the military needed him on a TDY. For the first time, I'm completely on my own. It's awkward, but nice living alone. Not that I'm completely alone. Mike and TJ may as well have toothbrushes and a drawer here.

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