Sunday, December 12, 2010

Walmart FTW

The mister and I took advantage of our snowy Saturday afternoon and ran around town to take care of some errands. Unfortunately we didn't consult our list and forgot to go to the bank for laundry quarters, the post office for stamps, and the commissary for food. Actually, we didn't so much forget the commissary so much as got distracted by picking up our dressers (finally). Scan Home failed and was a month late in delivering our dressers. I've been very much looking forward to getting them set up in our room so I can take control of the closet. If you look in our closet right now, I'm being oh so very generous in letting Will use half the closet. This will change. Except for his dress shirts and blues, everything will go into his dresser. Anyway, I digress. Scan Home didn't call us to let us know our dressers were available to be picked up. No. Will had to call several times in the last couple weeks to ask about them. The salesman who helped us played it off as if they just arrived and he was about to call us. Too bad his coworker told us last week that they had arrived, they just needed to make space in the warehouse before they could receive it from the truck.

After picking up our dressers, we headed to the library. Again, lots of excitement in getting the books I put on hold. One of which: 100 Places in Italy Every Woman Should Go. I read the intro and one chapter and I already know I have to buy this book. It's so perfect! I'm definitely getting hyped on this whole Italy assignment.

By this time it was getting late and the commissary wasn't going to happen. So we went to Walmart. I went with the intentions of browsing and only getting Christmas cards for the family, printer paper and envelopes. I don't know how we ended up with Christmas candle holders, pine scented candles to go in said holders, a toothbrush holder and a soap dispenser. I really don't. We almost came home with a Kinect. But we decided to be responsible and wait.

I would say we had a very successful errand run today. Maybe we got a little sidetracked, but look how pretty!

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