Monday, September 10, 2012

Ech's First House Guest

This week one of my nearest and dearest friends, Sarah, came to visit! She's doing an Asia/Europe backpacking trip with her friend, Lindsay, and they stopped in to spend a few days with Will and me.


The day they came in, we invited over our friends (Pierce, Jasmine, Marc, Jessica, Ben, and Drake) for a good old fashioned American barbeque. After dinner we busted out the beer pong table and hilarity ensued.
Background info: Back in the college days, Sarah and I were quite the beer pong players. I was hit or miss with my performances, but Sarah was consistently good.
Sarah insisted that she had only played a handful of times since college and would be very rusty. It took one game for her to get into her groove. At one point she was on a 5-game win streak. Rusty, my ass! The guys were accusing us of bringing in a ringer to run the table on them.

beer pong

Some of the group had to work in the morning; so to run down the night the rest of us went to our landlord's bar next door for beers and talks. It was a good ice breaker for all of us. You know you have a good group of friends when everyone can hang out and click without a lot of awkwardness.

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