Thursday, September 27, 2012

Please Tell Me I'm Not Crazy

Will has been working 12+ hour days for the last couple weeks. Not only that, but he's on a weird swing/night shift. At first I stayed on a traditional day schedule, but we really didn't see each other. It's easier for him to stay up and spend time with me than to wake up early to spend time with me before work. So now we're never quite sure what day it is and we sleep through most of the daylight hours. It's been rough, but supposedly he'll be on a traditional swing shift again soon.

I read this post and found myself nodding along in agreement. The only difference is that I'm not in school...yet. (More on that later...) Half of the people who know I'm a stay at home wife are total awesome about it. They say enjoy it while I can because it's not a luxury a lot of people get nowadays. The other half are super judgmental and try to audit my days. It's hard not to be offended when I get the question "But what do you do all day?" I usually answer with a joke ("I hang out, play video games, and wait for the mister to get home.") or I'll be vague ("I take care of the house and stuff.") I refuse to give you a play by play of my day. It's none of your business and I don't answer to anyone but myself...and my husband. We're both happy with my not working. I'm home when he comes home from work and guess what? We spend a lot of quality time together. I have a man who can, will, and has been sent off for months at a time. I want to spend as much time with him as possible while I can.

The mister and I did some intense laundry last weekend. I'm talking all the sheets, towels, and rugs in the house. Well, I handed the freshly cleaned rugs to my husband when we got home and sent him to put them down. Please tell me what's wrong with this picture:
I called him into the bathroom and told him to fix the problem. For the life of him, he couldn't figure out what he did wrong. In fact, in the picture he's motioning to all the things that aren't wrong. I'm hoping I'm not super anal crazy and you can see what he did.


  1. So before I answer I have two questions for you.

    1) What is the rule about the toilet seat being left up in your house? Because it looks as if that's wrong.

    2) Do you want a bathmat/rug under the sink? Again maybe it's just me, of the angle of this picture but that rug seems a little silly under the sink.

    1. I'm glad that's a bidet and not two "no no"s in one picture. I would say "silly men" but I know some (shall I say) "less than domestic" women who wouldn't have caught the rug mistake.

  2. Yep, the rug is in the wrong place, it should be under your feet, not the sink! Why would the sink need a comfy rug underneath it?

    And I love, love, love being a stay-at-home wife. Okay, I'm not currently one because I'm at school 40 hours a week but I have been before between semesters and the time can still fill up pretty quickly! I know you're not doing nothing all day!

  3. hahahaha the rug is totally in the wrong place. Men, hahaha