Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Chore Tuesday

I noticed a trend in our productivity levels throughout the week.

Mondays are our trash days. As in, it's in the trash and we're just trying to get through the day. Usually we're both overly tired just because it's a Monday. Weird right? I'm a stay-at-home wife and I still get the case of the Mondays.

Tuesdays are the most productive days. I think we feel like we need to make up for doing nothing on Monday.

Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays are hit or miss. Usually the productivity slowly spirals down until it bottoms out on the weekends. As soon as the weekend hits, we get hit with lazy mode. That's why I'm always bragging about decluttering or cleaning up my mess of a house. We generally don't do any chores on the weekends. Unless we run out of socks or underwear, then we're forced to do laundry on Saturday nights.

So what did we get done this Tuesday?

1. Kitchen surface cleanse. The counters, cabinet doors, the hood over the stove, the oven door. It's all freshly wiped down and de-grimed. It's disgusting how much dust and gunk accumulate over the months.

2. First floor de-clutter. I have to admit, it's not completely uncluttered, but it's significantly less. Especially our shoe collection by the door. I weeded out all the summer sandals and non-every day shoes.

storage bin
Storage bin full things to go to the 2nd & 3rd floors.
3. Snack packs made. When I buy work snacks for Will (Cheez-It's, Oreos, etc), I package them up in snack bags and put them all in a big bowl for him to pick and choose from. It makes it so much easier when he's running late and it keeps him from rummaging through my groceries for his lunches.

4. Purse purge. Will uses my purse as his carry all. He throws in receipts, change, and whatever he doesn't want in his pockets into my bag. He does it as stealthily as possible like I'm not going to notice. Every once in a while I have to weed out all the unnecessary things.

5. Will's lunch packed. Since he forgot to grab bread, one of his sandwiches was made up of the butts of the loaf. To make up for it, I sliced up some smoked cheese for them. Hopefully it tastes good. He eats pretty much anything so I don't think he'll mind.

6. Bangs trimmed. Is this a chore? It feels like it to me, so I'm going to say it counts. I'm so terrible about keeping my bangs at a reasonable length. I really should make Will do it for me, but he's so scared to try.

7. Mail sent. We had a box and a letter going out today. I love sending mailbox love! (Jordan, I haven't forgotten you! I have your box started, I'm working on filling it.)

8. Gas coupons turned in. They expired in September so Will turned in the old ones and bought new ones. We didn't know they bought back the old ones so we were trying to time it right with the ones we had. I think we only turned in 20 or 30 liters. But hey, it's that much less money we're putting toward the new coupons.

9. Keyboard exchanged. Since I'm studying to become a medical transcriptionist, we invested in an ergonomic keyboard. It was great, except the space bar stuck if it wasn't hit in the right spot. And by hit, I mean hit. Hopefully this new one works. I need to get used to the new board before the tough lessons start.

10. Will's military paperwork done. Don't ask me what it was. All I know is that it was important and he booted me off the computer for two hours and my Nook wouldn't charge so I was not a happy camper.

Do you have a day of the week that's more productive than others?

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