Friday, October 5, 2012

I'm Surrounded by Small People

It always fascinates me when babies make the transition from baby to a little person. I especially get a kick out of my little sisters or my friend's children. I remember you in diapers and now you look like a mini adult. The illusion is shattered when they act their age and I'm reminded that I'm looking at a toddler/child and not in fact a small adult.

I think all the people in my life got together and said, "Hey let's surround Ech with babies." My Facebook is full of adorable babies and little people. Not that I'm complaining. I love a cute kid. I just want one for myself really badly, but it's just not time yet. It kind of hurts my ovaries to be surrounded by kids. I need to immediately babysit for someone so I can be reminded why it's not time yet. Play and give back, that's all we're ready for...for now.

Anyway, I'm so close to being done with family Christmas shopping. We only have the parents left. Win! Parents are always so hard to shop for. I always try to get wants, not needs for presents. Everyone 15 and under were super easy to keep in mind and slowly accumulate gifts.

Do you have kids to shop for? Check out Freckle Box. They have super cute personalized gifts. I bought my sisters activity books as a summer break present and they were floored that their names were in the books. I just used a Groupon from awhile ago to get more stuff, and as a thank you they sent me a 20% coupon for my friends. Anyone who reads my blog is a friend, so it's yours for the taking. It expires November 1, so you have a paycheck or two to browse and think about it.

In the meantime, I enjoy this cutie patootie we call niece. This is a picture from her first modeling job for Becky's Accessories.

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