Friday, November 16, 2012

It's Confirmed

While Mama was traveling all over with Will and I, she confirmed a question that has been weighing on me for awhile:

Do I still talk in my sleep?

Answer? I sure do!

The mister is a heavy sleeper and an occasional talker. Sometimes he'll wake me up with his chatter and, much to my delight, he usually responds if I try to engage him in a conversation. One of my more favorite nighttime conversations:
Will: It's your loss.
Ech: What?
Will: You lost.
Ech: I lost what?
Will: The twenty grand.
Ech: Yeah right. How?
Will: In the fight. (starting to kind of wake up)
Ech: (trying really hard not to laugh now) No, I didn't lose. You did!
Will: It's how it went in the dream.
Ech: There's no way you beat me in a fight.
Will: We didn't get to it. But that's where it was going. 
At this point he woke up fully and was very grumpy (as always) that I was talking to him in his sleep again. But it's funny that my husband dreams about fighting me in an MMA fight. Apparently he's cocky too if we didn't even get to the fight and he's already claiming the $20,000 prize.

According to Mama, I wasn't saying actual words. But I was giving the impression that I was scolding Will for something. So I guess even in my dreams, he's annoying me. Ha! No wonder we're duking it out in his dreams.


  1. bahahahah that is absolutely amazing!

  2. haha! Angel told me that one night last week I said "Are there gypsies in England, too?" in my sleep!