Wednesday, November 28, 2012

No hot water, no electricity, Happy Thanksgiving

Last week our water heater started leaking. No big deal, we kept an eye on it and Will thought he might have seen a spot he could tighten a few screws or nuts or bolts or whatever. The next morning we woke up to no electricity. BIG DEAL! We're on a swings shift schedule so we woke up in the early afternoon. We couldn't tell by our neighbors' lights if we were the only ones without power. We had errands to do on base so we got things done and crossed our fingers that it was a neighborhood power outage and it would be fixed when we got back. Nope. Will tried calling our landlord several times, but he went straight to voice mail. He shrugged, gave me a kiss on the forehead, wished me luck, and left for work.

An hour later, our landlord was knocking on the door. I'd love to know what he did differently. Because Will and I flipped switches and played with the panel with no results. I swear the landlord did the exact thing we did and the power came back. He must have whispered some magic incantations and blew some fairy dust or something. He took a look at our water heater and deemed it inoperable. He pointed to where it was leaking and said the power probably went out because the leak was near the electrical part of the heater. He shut it off and called a technician. Luckily they were able to come out the next day (Thanksgiving Day). I texted Will to take a shower at work or to ask Pierce if he could borrow their shower. But he was tired when he got out and went on autopilot straight home. Poor guy had to take a cold shower. And since our heat is connected to the water heater, we had to bundle up to hang out in the house.

Luckily, Will and I decided to forego a traditional Thanksgiving meal. We didn't make any plans with friends this year. We wanted to stay at home, enjoy each other's company, and eat pizza. Since our oven runs on gas, our plans weren't foiled even if the electricity had stayed out. The technician came in the late afternoon, tinkered around for an hour or so, then let us know that we wouldn't have hot water again. (He spoke English amazingly well.) He had to bring back a replacement part in the morning. No big deal. The next day he popped in the new part and we practically kissed his feet. We immediately enjoyed a hot shower and turned on the heat.

That would be our big Thanksgiving adventure....OH WAIT!

...there's more.

"Babe, it's leaking again."


Albino came to check it out and let us know the technician wouldn't be able to come until Monday. Since the leak was in a different spot, he couldn't see a reason to have to turn off the heat again. Thankfully it took a little more tinkering but it's fixed...fingers crossed.


  1. Oh no! I was living in my house for a week + without hot water. it's such torture. I hope it gets truly fixed forever!

  2. Oh man! No electricity and no hot water is no fun at all, especially when it isn't warm outside! It's a good thing you guys had a gas stove, though. I know a gas stove has come in handy for my family when we had power outs.

  3. Oh, gosh. What a mess! I'm a firm believer in hot water (and water pressure) making the world go round. Seriously, I'm in such a bad mood if I have to take a cold, puny shower. Growing up, my family always traveled with a shower head that had holes hollowed out to make the stream bigger and more powerful. My stepdad installed it in every hotel we stayed in, temporarily of course. Haha

  4. AH that is so frustrating!!!