Monday, November 5, 2012

Recipe Swap!

I'm four days late in posting this, I'm so sorry! Originally, I thought I'd be a part of the swap. But then life happened and my vacation is turning out to be more GO GO GO than I thought it would be. Since there's only four people participating, I thought I'd introduce you all to each other here and you can all throw in your recipes to each other. Genius right? Okay, so in reality I forgot to ask for all your emails and this was the easiest solution I could come up with.

Without further ado, I introduce you to the cooks/bakers of the swap. Click on their image to check out their sites.:
Abbey: Vegetarian! Love fall recipes and Christmas treats and food altogether really :)
Jennifer: I'm a recovering picky-eater with a newfound sense of adventure and a wicked sweet tooth. I love baking, and although I'm not on a gluten-free diet, I'm always looking for new gluten-free recipes to make for my gramps (who has Celiac's disease). I'm the kind of girl who makes homemade pickles, accepts meatballs as payment, and always licks the spoon.
Sarah: I'm in England, so I don't really know what you guys do for Thanksgiving. But I know Halloween and Christmas recipes that I could swap with people. Or introduce you to the traditional Bonfire Night fare.
Dmitri: Amateur cook but ambitious, grew up with Russian/Irish cuisine and now taking on French gastronomy :)

Dmitri actually included a link to his post on Apple Crumble. It looks amazing.

I hope you all are able to get some great recipes out of this swap/online meet up. I'm sorry I couldn't be involved. Let me know when you post about your new recipes! I'd love to see how they came out and feature them here on Ech & Will. Email me here.

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