Friday, December 28, 2012

Ech & Will Quotes

Ech: New Boardwalk Empire! I watched it, it was SO good!
Will: [whips around and sends a death glare] F--- YOU!
Ech: Whoa! Just joking!
Will: For reals, you almost just got your head ripped off.

I don't know about you, but we love getting into shows after the season is either done or has had time to build up a good amount of episodes. We like to watch them on our time, not the network's time. We're almost caught up to Sons of Anarchy (I'm completely heartbroken over Opie's death.) We haven't even started this season of Dexter yet and we're only a couple episodes into Boardwalk. Honestly, we might just wait until after the mister gets back to get started. I don't see the point in catching up if we can't finish them together.

Will: If I was lactating would you drink my milk? No? But you could drink standing up!
Ech: Gross.

I don't know what I was watching, but Will walked up in the middle of it.
Will: Look at that ass!  .... That was a guy wasn't it?
Sadly, yes. Yes, it was.

I'm going to miss all these ridiculous conversations when the mister leaves. Hopefully we'll continue on with the craziness over Skype.


  1. Too funny! And I love your strategy of waiting till the episodes are all already out before you start to watch a show. I think that's what I'd prefer. I don't like having to watch tv at set times of day or waiting a week to see what happens in the next episode. And that's probably why I watch movies more than tv.

  2. the butt comment was hilarious! HAHAHAHAHAH