Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Roman Holiday Pt 9

You know what I learned about the bus system in Rome? I hate it. HATE! We figured we'd save our feet some pain and use public transportation to get us close to the Colosseum. Lot of good that did us. I got overheated and sick on the bus and it took so many random crazy turns that we missed our stop and ended up at the bus terminal.

Eventually we found our way and ate lunch in a cute little ristorante in the shadow of the Colosseum. We didn't actually go into the ruins because Will wants to do a private tour with Dark Rome when we can afford it and we didn't want to spoil the experience. Plus the lines were nuts by the time we made it to that part of town. 

Will didn't think I saw him talking to the pretty girl about a private tour. BUSTED!
We walked around the ancient ruins site and found the Circus Maximus. Of course we went to the track and ran around like charioteers.

Riding in my invisible chariot.
My chariot broke so I jumped on my trust steed to finish the race.
My not-so-trusty steed ditched me.
Hanging out and taking in the sights.
Next time I'll finish up our trip in Rome with our walk back to our neighborhood of Rome.