Friday, January 4, 2013


I love the library. I've always loved going to the library. I don't know what my mom did, but I hope my kids love reading as much as Seester and I do. Some of my favorite memories growing up were going to the Wahiawa Library for events or to get a new book. I try not to browse the shelves because I usually end up checking out a stack of 5+ books. Now I try to put books on hold and just run in and grab them so I don't get tempted to bring home more than I have time for. I have a tendency to get lost in reading and will stay up all night or ignore everything in life just to finish a book. Great for my entertainment, horrible for my productivity. Speaking of which...I have two book to read that's due at the end of the week. Better get to them.


  1. You better get to reading! That's always been my ideal relaxation activity--reading accompanied by some yummy snacks, of course. Sadly, I haven't gotten to do enough of it lately. I don't even have kids and life's so busy already! :P

  2. oh girl i've got one more book to read by the 19th and i sure will. BUT then i'm putting myself on a small pause, because i HAVE to read some of the books i have on my own shelf. I've read about 90% of them...but i used to work at a bookstore and well, i still have a lot to read! eeeeekkkk.

  3. I can totally relate to this ...Books are my first love :-D what are you reading now ?

    1. I'm reading the Percy Jackson series. They fun and quick reads. I'm also reading The Known World. It's a bit heavier and slower going, but I like it so far.