Friday, January 25, 2013


I miss him....his physical presence. I love that I get to see him and talk to him everyday through Skype, phone calls, and texting.

What I don't physically miss? His practicing MMA and WWE moves on me when he's all pumped up on YouTube videos. Getting poked and picked on because he's in hyper mode. Having 100x the amount of dishes and laundry to wash. Constantly trying to push him back to his side of the bed because he has a tendency to slowly move into a diagonal position across our bed.

But I miss his kisses and his arms around me. Most importantly I miss the almost-nightly back rubs. (I'm spoiled, I know.) It's such a tease to see him on a screen and not be able to squish his face and kiss him. I also miss being able to watch our shows together. It's just not the same cuddling with a pillow, laughing hysterically by myself. Do you watch Guys with Kids or Happy Endings? Hilarious!

Ech & Will

Fingers crossed I'll be seeing him soon. I'm so ready for him to get home so we can get as much quality time in as possible before he deploys.


  1. ::hugs::!
    Its great that you're keeping as positive of an attitude as you can, that is fantastic!

  2. Isn't it so annoying to have a husband yet he's not around for you to hug on him and love on him? You guys need to get all the together time you can!