Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Will's Version of Packing

I have spoiled Will too much. I made him pack his own bag for his trip and he pouted and procrastinated. I went upstairs to help him pick out clothes, then went downstairs to play video games so he was forced to do the rest on his own. He pulled out a suitcase and threw an armful of clothes into it. If I didn't stop him this is how he would have zipped it:

Will's idea of packing
He threw everything in his arms into the bag and it happened to fit pretty nicely as is.

He practically begged me to fold everything for him. Luckily (for me) Seester called over Skype and stopped me from caving. In the end he got it done. And he was left with lots of room for presents for me! Yay! Fingers crossed he brings me home new clothes or maybe a purse and a pair of boots.

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  1. He most def should bring presents

  2. The possibility of presents is about the only way I'd ever pack for my husband. That is one chore I really hate!

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  4. Oh dear--Sounds like you take pretty good care of him! I've never packed for Angel--he says he doesn't trust my sense of style. Which makes sense. The things I would pick out for him to wear are definitely not the same and the things he would pick out to wear!