Wednesday, February 20, 2013

First Things First

First thing I do at the gym
It's a two-parter. 1) Check out the boys. 2) Check for people I know. It's a double scan happening at the same time. The boys thing I can't help, it happens no matter what. The friends thing is more of a on purpose thing.
First Date with Current Significant Other
Our first honest to goodness date...just me and him going out, not ordering in or hanging out in his room...was at Outback. I was trying to take him out for his one year anniversary in the Air Force, but he was a sneakface and paid when I wasn't looking. By that time we had been long distance dating for a few months and were completely comfortable with each other so there's no real story to the date.
First email address
Woooooow. I have no idea. I think maybe That's the first one that I can remember. Or maybe of those.


  1. If I regularly went to a gym, I would probably scan the place first too! But I would be doing because I'd want to avoid seeing a lot of people!! Glad you joined in a linked up with me!

  2. oh man my first email address??? i still use it sometimes bahaha.
    Those are the first two things i do when i get to the gym to, i need to know what kind of game face i need to wear! hahaha.

  3. Hana gosh I don't remember my first email address lol