Sunday, February 24, 2013


My husband can spend hours on Netflix. Not watching anything. Nope. Just looking for something to watch. Usually I'll end up grabbing the remote from him and choosing because he's just so indecisive and picky. But yet if I choose something he's content to watch whatever I put on.

Will and Netflix
This is one of those times I let him look for 10 minutes before I made a choice for him.

I've just discovered that if I'm on Netflix on my ipod and he's upstairs on the PS3, I can use my ipod as a remote and play things on the tv. I thought I'd freak him out when I figured this out...nope. I waited for a "What the f....?" or a "What's going on?" or a "Are you doing this!?" But not a peep. He just watched in silence as I played an episode of Malcolm in the Middle. I even skipped around in the episode to see if that would get a reaction. Nope. I had to ruin my own joke by yelling up there to make sure he was awake. So lame.


  1. haha! Angel and I were getting seriously bad about wandering around the library or Blockbuster for way too long trying to pick out a movie. Then we got Netflix, we haven't had problems yet but that's likely because we've been watching every season of the Office from beginning to end for weeks!

  2. OMG the time we waste flipping through Netflix NEVER picking anything. lol.

  3. You are too is your hubby for not caring/noticing/saying anything. That sounds like something I'd do. Haha.

    Hope you can stop by and check out my 30 during 30 list:

  4. i love netflix but their choices of movies is so BLAHHHHHH right? i feel like i've watched all of the good ones.
    Oh my gosh that is amazing about you having to ruin your own joke...gosh boys.

  5. I'm laughing out loud!