Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Not Asleep Not Awake

Will used to talk in his sleep alll the time, but he's been silent lately. Or maybe I'm just not awake to hear it. He has, however, been saying a lot of crazy things before and after he sleeps. It's like a half-awake/half-dreaming state. I find it hilarious and he rarely remembers what he's saying.

What do you need from me? Money?

Ech: If you were dead, I'd have to close your eyes like this. [Doing the magical hand wave over his eyes like in the movies.] ... What are you doing? If I were dead you'd check by knocking on my back?
Will: No, I'm pumping your system.
Ech: From my back?
Will: You're so dumb. Imagine like you were a jet.

Ech: I thought we were going to cuddle.
Will: I'm cuddling you with my presence.
Ech: *silence*
Will: [opens one eye] No? *sighs* Give me your hand.

He said the following after we had an intense tickle fight (my way of waking him up) and a full awake conversation about what we were planning to do for the day. We were walking down the stairs and I assumed he was fully awake until...

Do you want to tell me what type of dream I had last night? [Said in the most accusatory tone I've ever heard in my life]

After I was done laughing he just mumbled something about not knowing what he was saying. Then he offered to cook breakfast but just opened all the cupboards and stared blankly into them for 5 minutes.


  1. Sleep talking is the best. I love having a blog to document these types of moments because they're so hilarious but I feel as though easily forgotten. Now you will remember forever!

  2. Too funny!! Angel wakes up very slowly compared to me, so I have had to learn different strategies to give him enough time to come to his senses after getting out of bed. It's weird.

  3. hahahahhahah that is amazing. :) I love reading things like that, our minds are so fascinating!