Sunday, February 17, 2013

Valentines Past

I was so excited for my first Valentine's Day with Will. I never experienced the day with a boyfriend and I was thrilled! It was kind of a bummer that he was in Alaska and I was in Oregon...but I still had hopes of a semi-romantic day.


I got a text. "Happy Valentines Day" That's it. I was actually thrilled with it until I found out he sent the exact same text to his ex. Cool.

I was still in Oregon working in admitting in the emergency department and trying to pick up all the extra shifts I could. My regular shifts were graveyard shifts every other week. The rest of the time I was covering any open shifts. Morning, swing...anything. So I was constantly trying to adjust my sleep schedule...aka I was always sleeping.

Will kept hinting that I would be getting a big surprise for Valentine's Day. Unrealistically, I was hoping he'd show up on my doorstep to surprise me. Realistically I thought he sent a card. In reality, I woke up to a delivery man with a gorgeous bouquet of red roses. I didn't even care that he woke me up in the middle of my sleep schedule. I was over the moon! It was the first time a boy had bought me roses.

Valentine's Day Roses

Will spoiled me rotten on our first Valentine's Day as a married couple. I was on day shift and he was on swings so he came to the hospital where I was working with a bouquet of roses and to have lunch with me. I wasn't expecting anything else but he hinted that I'd get more surprises when he got off work. I don't know where he hid it, but when he got home he brought out a Nook for me! I had given him a pair of Beats by Dre headphones. This was back when they were just starting to get popular so at the time he was the only one of his friends who had a pair.

I had to take an unexpected trip to Hawaii for a family emergency so we didn't get to celebrate together. Will wanted to switch it up and send me orchids and chocolates. But he chose a crappy company who not only delivered the wrong flowers (roses) they also arrived half dead. I appreciated the thought though. Before I left I ordered him the latest UFC video game as a distraction from missing me and a V-day gift, but it arrived late. It was kind of a bust of a day, but we tried.


  1. I love looking at the progression of y'alls valentines days! :)
    It went from "hey, what the heck" to... "that is absolutely so freaking sweet!"

  2. Well you certainly have an interesting Valentine's day past but 2011 seemed especially special!