Saturday, February 2, 2013

Wrestling With My Gate

Our gates on a much nicer day.

If it's really windy, our electric gate won't swing closed because the wind will keep it from shutting all the way. Today has definitely been a windy day. The new bar managers next door have been coming and going through our gate a lot all month so I didn't think much of the flood light going on and off all night. But then I realized that the lights were all off next door and the gate between our properties was closed tight. They have a tendency to leave our gate open (and of course keep theirs shut tight) so I often have to run out to turn the gate  sensor around to keep people from wandering through. Not a big deal, people respect our things...but still. Anyway, I ran out to turn the gate sensor and it already was! I have no idea how long the gate was supposed to be shut, but I had to do something because it was continually triggering the flood lights. It would start swinging shut and a gust of wind would blow it back open before it could lock in place.

I had to use the gate key to manually shut the doors. Except I had to turn the key and push at the same time. If you look at the picture, the right door is really wide so trying to push and turn is really a two person job. Add on a really strong wind. Yeah it would have been super comical for anyone watching. I'd get it partly shut...then the wind would shove me back. Eventually I timed it right and locked it in almost all the way shut. A person could get through, but they can't steal our stuff and our lights won't be going off and on all night.

Fingers crossed this storm will blow over soon!


  1. How nice to have an electric gate though! haha. I guess it can be a good thing on a good day and a bad thing on a bad day! lol.