Friday, February 22, 2013

Zombies in the Morning

Sometimes I think really weird stuff. For instance...
The other day Will had to go on base to get his GOV license renewed and pick up some certification card on base. As usual I woke up first so I gave him a little shove to wake him up. He whined and complained as usual. Then hid his face and fell asleep again. I'll admit, I drifted off slightly too. Eventually I forced myself to wake up, opened my eyes, and turned to give him a good shake. But this stopped me in my tracks....

Ech & Will
On one hand, this can't be safe. I'm severely concerned of chance he could suffocate himself sleeping like that. On the other hand...what if I woke up in a scenario like The Walking Dead? What if I pull his head back and it's zombiefied? I'm definitely not strong enough to crack his skull with my fists and there's nothing even close to resembling a weapon up in our bedroom. So I'd be screwed!

I think that I need to take a break from The Walking Dead. Although I'm really looking foward to the next episode. I feel like the first two episodes back from break have been draaaaagging. To me, nothing really interesting happened until the end of the second episode.


  1. hahahah your response was amazing. I often find myself thinking "where is the closest weapon in case i need to defend myself" not necessarily from zombies, but from crazies haha.

  2. haha My toddler sleeps like this every night. I can't tell you how many times I moved him when he first started doing it, but it was no use. He went right back to this position. Weird. I don't watch The Walking Dead much, but hubby does.

  3. Hahaha it can't be safe, could he breathe?