Tuesday, March 5, 2013


 We have no idea how he hurt his ankle. I like to mess with him when he walks up the stairs and he’s convinced I whacked it. I think I might have gave it a good thunk the last time we were practicing our UFC moves (aka he beats the crap out of me with legit moves while I fight dirty). Or it could be his new boots aggravated something. It doesn’t bother him too badly, but it looks awful.

swollen ankle

Then, there was a little mishap at work last week and the mister came home with an injured left knee. I felt bad for him until he refused to go to the doctor. He wants to walk it off. I used a pin from Pinterest to make him a couple of ice packs to try and get the swelling down. They froze too solidly so the mixture needed more rubbing alcohol, but I let them sit out on the counter to soften up and they worked just fine after an hour or so.

I put one on his knee and one under his ankle, then walked back to the kitchen to get my mug of soup. By the time I got back from the kitchen he had already taken them off because they were too cold. (There's probably like 15 steps between the computer desk where we were sitting and the kitchen. That's how long it took for him to get "frostbite".) Like a good wife I shoved the ice pack back on his knee and taped it there so he couldn't move it. Not even 5 minutes later he cut it off and declared it healed.

ice pack
There's an ice pack under his ankle too. He left that one for a few minutes longer.

If I had a sewing machine I'd make him a heating pad so he could alternate hot and cold. My mom used to make them with flannel and corn.


  1. Oh no! That looks painful!!! I hope he has a speedy recovery!

  2. flannel and corn? that sounds so cool...
    And boooooooooooo to him being hurt, my foot is hurt right now and i'm having to ice it!
    I'll need to look at that pin!

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  4. OUCH! Husbands always seem to "feel no pain" hahaha