Saturday, March 2, 2013

Dinner Time: Slow Cooker Lasagna


This week I tried out a lasagna recipe from one of my ever growing Pinterest boards. I've never cooked regular lasagna, but I'm assuming it's generally the same idea...except in an oven and faster.

Here are some pointers I have for those who want to learn from my mistakes/panic moments while cooking this meal:

* It's not really a pretty dish. If you want it to look a little prettier, use your hands to spread out the cheeses. If you're not into that, flatten out the cheese with a spatula against the side of the bowl before layering it in.

* Divide everything up before you try to do your layers. My bottom layer of noodles was pretty skimpy compared to the top layer. Same with the cheese. But not the meat sauce...that one was a "Shit! Shit!" moment when pouring the first layer. Somehow it ended up on the wall during my rush to stop the avalanche.

* Garlic powder. Yum! Thank goodness I'm not a vampire. I love me some garlic. However, it really didn't do a whole lot once the sauce was added and all that. Next time I won't be lazy and use real garlic.

* If you're not cooking for a lot of people, I highly suggest toasting a couple slices of garlic Texas Toast in lieu of garlic bread. My husband and I love toasting one up to order with our leftovers instead of reheating old bread. I think they sprinkle some crack onto each slice.


* The noodles came out a little too mushy for my taste. Oh I'll still eat the leftovers, but I can't help but wish for a firmer bite. I used no-boil noodles that I found at the commissary. No idea if that was issue or if it's the slow cooker.

Want the recipe? Try it out for yourself! Let me know how yours turns out.


  1. I made slow-cooker lasagna once before, because I loved the concept of it, but it didn't taste all that great. Noodles were mushy and it lacked flavor for some reason. I think I like baked lasagna better. By the way, have you tried the slow cooker bags? You put the bag in the crockpot and then the food in the bag and you don't have to clean out the pot. It's amazing...but...they've been out of them at the commissary for the past couple weeks (they're usually near the foil on the top shelf).