Friday, March 1, 2013

Ech v Will: Waking Up

Rachel and I were emailing back and forth about our husbands not being able to wake up right away and I thought it would be a good topic for a Ech vs. Will post. As I said in my last post, Will has this half-awake/half-dream state that he gets stuck in on a regular basis. It makes for some great entertainment for me. However, this means it takes him a while to wake up every day. Here's how we handle waking up by a certain time:

- Set alarm for 15 minutes before it's absolutely necessary to wake up.
- Snooze once.
- Groan.
- Hop up and get going.

- Set alarm for 1 hour before it's absolutely necessary to wake up.
- Snooze every 15 minutes for the next hour.
- Bitch.
- Groan.
- Stretch.
- Mumble.
- Roll over.
- Open eyes.
- Blink a few times at the time.
- Sigh.
- Throw the covers off and slooooowly get up.

Sometimes I manage to get him down to 30 minutes because there's not a whole lot of things in this world that are more annoying than the sound of an alarm. When I was a teenager, I could sleep through that many alarms. Definitely not anymore. I usually take the extra time to play games on my ipod or his ipad or check the news/Facebook/Twitter/watch Netflix.

Ech & Will
I have so so many pictures of me waiting for him to wake up.