Tuesday, March 19, 2013

First Things First

First ever blog post

I've been casually blogging since Xanga days in middle school...I'm sure it was some immature, angsty post or a survey since those were super cool back then.

Of this blog, it was Goodbye Portland, Hello Anchorage. Will was stationed there so the whole "Where will we live after we get married?" question was answered for us. I started this blog to let my family in Oregon and Hawaii know what's going on with me. I also wanted to let Will's family in Florida get to know me and hear what he's up to.

First ever blog comment

I can't remember. It was most likely from a friend back home.

First ever blog-friend or friends

Once I started blogging more seriously I found out pretty quickly that my friend from college, Sar, is also a blogger! She's over at [life of love]. I also found Trailer Gypsy written by my friend, Jordan. We've known each other since we spent a summer at a college prep program at University of Idaho when we were 16. Both are awesome ladies and have equally awesome blogs.


  1. You knew Sar in real life? That's pretty cool. I don't know anyone in real life who blogs regularly. I do know one girl who seems to be starting to blog a little more often.
    I know most of the people who know me in real life read my blog. One of my teachers recently told me that she found my blog! I think it's kind of cool to know someone both ways, because for one thing, it's an awesome way to keep in touch with friends, plus you get to see other sides of their life.

  2. It seems like almost all of us started blogs to keep up with friends and family in faraway places - it's just so interesting to see how each person's blog grows and evolves from there! So exciting! I'm glad you joined in and linked up with us last week! :)