Tuesday, March 26, 2013

First Things First

1. First roommate
Having Annerrr has my first roommate set the mood for the rest of my college experience. She got me out of my high school shell and pushed me to do things I never would have done on my own. Our freshmen year was absolutely ridiculously fun. We were literally legends in the first month because she wrote "Immaculate Conception" in huge letters on our window which overlooked the basketball courts. Everyone who came to visit always said, "Oh, that's who lives here!" And also I think the first or second night we went around the dorm writing messages on people's whiteboards saying hi. The funniest part was when two guys from the second floor came to say hi back and left us a message. We completely forgot that we had made our tour! We were like, "Who the hell are Landon and David?" Not gonna lie, we were slightly skeeved. Until we met them in person. Davy ended up becoming a really good friend by the end of the year. So funny!

This picture is actually from our junior year since I really don't have pictures of just the two of us from freshmen year.

2. First time living away from home (when/where/why)
The very first time was when I was about 8 I stayed with my aunty and uncle for the summer who were living in Portland at the time and I was living in Hawaii. The first time when I was kind of on my own was when I was 16 for a Upward Bound Math & Science at University of Idaho. We had RA's and dorm rooms. It was a more structured, more supervised version of college to give us an idea of what to expect. We took classes during the week and went camping, hiking, and biking on the weekends. At the end of the program we went on a roadtrip through Montana and visited the state universities. I had a blast being away from home (despite all the ridiculous rules) and met a lot of cool people (including Jordan from Trailer Gypsy & Joy of Joyous Occasion Photography)

3. First college dorm room (we want to see pictures and read explanations!)
Oh gosh Annerr and I didn't plan a whole lot in advance. We figured out who would bring what, but other than that we winged it. Somehow our room became the hangout room. Sometimes we'd go off to wander around the dorm or make food and come back to find people watching tv in our room. 

When realized how small the rooms were (they were originally Army barracks), her dad went out and got the supplies to build us a loft. We would climb onto our beds by climbing onto our built in dressers. After a particularly crazy night we'd wake up in bed, look down, and laugh. Neither of us would ever be described as clean so our dressers were always full of makeup, hair things, and prefunk supplies. Don't ask how in the world we got into bed, our theory is that we flew. Getting down was always tricky and sometimes involved a life defying jump. Yet another reason to apologize to the guys living below us. We really tortured them.

The only picture I really have of our room. The rest are of people in it, but not the room itself.


  1. Ha, that last picture looks like you guys were having fun.

  2. Haha. This is so much fun! I love reading about blogger's lives. :-)

  3. yalls room looks like it has some fun decorations...or had :)

  4. y'alls room...HILARIOUS oh my gosh how the crap did you actually get up there every night, it sounded like a jungle gym! :)
    I love stories, especially college stories...so much fun! i might have to do this one soon.

  5. That loft bed situation looks crazy and awesome! Seems like a good idea to make extra space, but definitely could make getting in and out of it tricky! Especially for girls like me with tiny legs... ;) Glad you could join in and link up with us!