Friday, March 15, 2013


I got lots of comments about the height difference between Will and I. I guess a lot of our pictures are taken with the "arm extended" technique so our heads are squeezed in close together at the same height. I never realized it until now. So since it's lazy Friday and my husband's crazy work schedule has gotten me sick...I will give you a montage of pictures showing just how short I am.

Thanksgiving 2010 in Anchorage
January 2011 Jesolo
November 2012 Venzone

Our wedding September 2010
I was standing behind Will and someone honestly asked where I went.
My favorite part about being small...Will's lap = cushy seat!

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  1. =) i love y'alls height difference! :) I was standing next to a dude who was 6'5 the other day (i'm 5'5) and i just kept looking up at him...granted i look up at everyone ha.

  2. I like that while you showed pictures you don't tell us how tall either of you are. ;) You could be an average 5'6" and he could just be a freakish 6'9" tall.... haha.

    Don't worry though I'm usually attracted to substantially taller men than me (I'm only 5'1" on a tall day) although I have dated a man who was 5'5". The BF is 5'10" making him a good nine inches taller. Heck even some of my BFFs are 6 feet plus.

    I think you two look adorable together - because of or in spite of height differences. <3

  3. You really are little!! And you guys look so cute together. I really can't fathom what it would be like to have a much taller husband. I'm so used to Angel and I being so close to the same time. Typically, in pictures we look like we are the same height, but he is about an inch taller. I still sit on him, though. All the time.

  4. That is too funny! I would have never known you were so tiny!!

  5. Such cute pictures! I know from experience that it's nice to have a tall husband, because you always feel really safe around him.

    1. Thank you! I love having such a tall husband. We balance each other out. I deal with all the computer wires under the desk. He changes all the light bulbs.

  6. Sooooo cute I love the wedding pic

  7. You guys are adorbs. I always saw myself ending up with a taller guy. I'm only 5'4", so I didn't think it would be very hard. Alas, the perfect guy for me was a mere 5'7".