Thursday, March 21, 2013


I'm sick. Nothing serious. But it's serious enough to make me slightly delirious. I apologize for any strange comments that I've left on your blogs in the last few days. I've been hopped up on drowsiness and cold medicine. Oh and my nose is like a faucet. I'm seriously considering shoving a tampon into my right nostril.

Anyway, the mister and I have been watching a lot of TV lately. I thought I'd share our latest favorites so I can bond more with blog friends over our common interests and whatnot.

#1 - Archer
My husband is beyond thrilled that I find this show hilarious. He thought I wouldn't enjoy the show's type of humor. Not only is the show hilarious, my husband's reaction to the jokes are just as funny. When he starts laughing uncontrollably, I can't help but laugh too.

#2 - The Walking Dead
I'm actually kind of over this show. The mister loves it though. This season seems to be a whole lot of talking and whining and observing and talking. Daryl is my one ray of sunshine in the show. He's such a badass! I have to admit, I spend most of the time playing a game on my ipod and listening. The zombies are too gross for me.

#3 - Heroes
I watched the series when it was on air, but Will hasn't really watched it. I think he's seen parts of an episode or the promos. I had to harass him into watching it on Netflix with me. Of course now he's hooked. I knew he'd like it. I don't know why he doesn't just listen to me from the start. We got to the part of the series when David Anders makes his appearance. Reasons I love him: He's hot. He can do a British accent. He's from Oregon. Winner! It's fine, Will drools over Ali Larter.

Right now those are our top three shows that we're glued to at the moment. It sucks having to wait for the mister to get home to watch an episode or two. But it's so much more fun watching them together.


  1. I 100% agree with you about Walking Dead.

  2. Hi! I'm Janelle, and I found your blog while searching for military spouse blogs. I am marrying my Airman next year, and I'm really glad I found your blog! I can't wait to read more! Consider me your newest follower! :)

    Janelle ( )

  3. I've always wanted to watch Heroes in its entirety . Perhaps one day we'll do that!