Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Care Packages

The first care package I sent actually went out right after I dropped Will off at the terminal. It was just stuff he couldn't fit in his bags that wasn't essential right away.

The second package...I forgot to take pictures, sorry. I made a "Fight! Fight! Fight!" theme.

What I sentWhy
The Rock highlights/documentary DVD To get some sweet wrestling movies. Like most males, he has a super huge man crush on The Rock.
UFC Greatest Moments DVDTo get some sweet MMA moves. My husband probably has all the fights on the dvds memorized. He knows every move, the stats of most fighters, and basically loves the sport.
A pillowPillow fights...and he asked for one.
Shaker with a wire whiskFor his protein shakes. Maybe he'll come back all bulked up. Hopefully not too much though.
Band AidsTo dress his battle wounds from fighting...or for his smallpox vaccine wound. It was still gross when he left.

The third package: BIRTHDAY! Will is turning 24 the second week of May so I've been putting together a box now so I can send it in time.

Will isn't one for presents or big celebrations. So I like to make him breakfast before work, a feast to come home to, and a cake. Last year I made him mac and cheese and a red velvet cake from scratch. I had to get a little creative for his birthday meals this year. I got him confetti cupcake Poptarts for breakfast, Chef Boyardee ravioli for dinner, and Hostess cupcakes for dessert. Of course I had to include plastic utensils and bowls because I know he hasn't thought to get any. I also found Crystal Light cocktail mixes for virgin birthday drinks with the guys!


  1. That's amazing of you! A homemade red velvet cake sounds spectacular.


  2. Nice! See, my husband isn't big on food items. So his boxes usually contain lots of gag gifts.

  3. The virgin birthday drinks is the cutest

  4. This is amazing!!!! OMG I am going to steal this for our next deployment! Hope all is going well!