Monday, April 22, 2013

Catching Up

I got my Marshawn Lynch shirt in the mail! Love it!

the only beast mode

I met up with Jess and her friends for some cosmic bowling. My first round I got 130. 130!!! Usually I'm lucky if I hit 100. The second round we put up bumpers and made the rule that we had to do trick right hand throws. Somehow I wound up with a 90. What!? J's my deployment battle buddy. Our husbands are deployed fact, they're roommates.

On Sunday our regular group of friends came over for a bbq. We had a blast, but it was clear we're all missing the deployed guys. The guys were telling silly jokes. Will definitely would have been joining in. In face, he had actually tried one on me the other day but I ruined it by not responding correctly. (Link to the joke) So silly!

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  1. I love cosmic bowling! That's so great how you and your friend have husbands who are deployed together and friends!

    1. Yeah it's awesome! We get to swap info and updates from the guys and countdown the days together.

  2. 130? Dang, I've never bowled that high in my life. I think a few times, I've broken 100, and that's called for major celebration.

  3. Bowling is so much fun but I am so bad at it even w/ the bumpers up!!

  4. Oo I so love cosmic bowling. I stink at bowling though.