Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Morning Walk

Will and I never go for walks. It's not that we've never gone for a walk together, it's just not something we suggest to each other when we're bored. But all the rain and cold had me stir crazy. Two days before he left, we decided to go for a little walk before the rain started up again and we ended up at the town's cemetery.

View of the cemetery from the road
I would follow this man anywhere
Cimitero sign
I love the way it looks like the trees...shrubs..plants..whatever...are hugging each other
Road to the cemetery
Front gates of the cemetery
We couldn't believe how ornate the headstones are, and almost every person had a picture somewhere on their grave
We need to start designing our fancy family crypt.
Heading back out
I like to believe this is the road to one of the entrances to Narnia
The mountains were peaking out from under the clouds
I love how bright and cheery these little flowers are
Signs of spring!
This house reminds me of Greece, I never noticed it before


  1. I like spotting the European signs and what not :)

  2. wow, beautiful pictures!
    I love going for walks!

  3. Angel and I love wandering through cemeteries--we've been designing our headstone since the first time we walked through a cemetery together, on our honeymoon. We keep changing our minds when we see different styles, but we're definitely having pictures!