Friday, May 3, 2013

Ech's Tips for Blogging When You Have Nothing to Blog About

A lot of the blogger community sites I visit have threads dedicated to prompts. Unless I'm writing a guest post, I really don't write with prompts very often. I'm trying out this Blog Every Day in May challenge and I did the 15 Day Challenge with Sar. But on a regular bloggy day I don't use a prompt.

If I have nothing to say, I do something worth blogging about. Take a walk, cook a new meal, go shopping...anything. Sometimes it's as easy as looking out my window.

One of my favorite prompts from my first creative nonfiction class in college was "Write about something you saw today". Take 10-15 minutes to free write and actively describe a scene from your day. It'll amaze you to realize what moments stick with you when you're not paying attention.

I also like to borrow ideas from fellow bloggers. To be a better writer, read. There are so many talented and interesting people out there in blogland. Get to know them and see what they're writing about. You never know when something they write will inspire a response or rebuttal post. (I wish I had a specific post when I've done this, but I can't think of when the last time I did it.)

And the neverfail way to come up with a new post: Pinterest. Unpin something and blog about your attempt...success or fail.

Anyone else have ideas for blog posts? I'd love to hear them!


  1. :) that is really a great idea...talking about something you saw today.
    I need to do that more often when i have no idea what to write about!

  2. Oh love the nonfiction class - must be interesting! And a great topic! I always make a list in my phone of ideas so I have something to write about on the "uninspired" days

  3. Pinterest definitely inspires me! DIY's and recipes!!

    1. Definitely! Pinterest is so dangerous and amazing!