Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Pure Bliss

My husband. He makes me laugh when I'm mad...even at him. He finds humor in the silliest things. His laughter is so infectious to me. He makes me so so happy.

deployment Skype date
Reading me a letter he got in a care package from an organization.

My sisters. All three of them are so entertaining and make me happy in their own individual ways.


Baby elephants. When I need to smile, I look up videos of baby elephants. Instant mood changer. Seriously, it just kills me to watch videos like this one. I love them so much!

Music. My taste rotates, but listening to a song I love will always make me happy...especially if Adam Levine is singing it.

Books. I don't even have to read a book to make me happy. Just looking at my little collection makes me happy. Knowing that they're there when I need them is comforting.

Shopping. Retail therapy always works wonders.

Italy. I love this country!

Florence, Italy
Firenze 08/2011
Food. Which I guess is one major reason I love Italy so much, the food here is unreal.

Travel. It's refreshing and good for the soul.

Rialto Bridge
Venezia 11/2012
My forever friends. I have awesome friends.

my forever friends
Oregon 07/2009


  1. You have many happy things in your life! And...I could probably just replace "Italy" with "Malaysia" and I'd make much the same list of happy things!

  2. baby elephants, huh? Who knew? I'm off to google those myself to see what you mean :) I could use a smile...I woke up with a sore throat. Yuck.

  3. i love this list. :)
    Smiles, hubs, elephant,s friendships, traveling, ...such joyful and full things to have within your heart! :)

  4. Your pictures make me miss living overseas so much. And I totally forgot to add books to my list! I love to read, as you know. Glad I'm not the only one.

  5. Baby elephants are just about the cutest little thing God made!

  6. There is truly nothing better than laughter. :) I love it!

  7. Fantastic list.

    Shopping always cheers me up too.

  8. I have to agree!! Baby elephants are the cutest! :)