Thursday, May 9, 2013

Rain? What Rain?

I'm taking a break from the Blog Every Day in May Challenge for the next few days. I feel like the prompts have already been answered on this blog or when I was trying to write answers it felt too forced.


A couple days ago I drove to base to take care of some errands. The forecast said thunderstorms and rain all week so when I saw clear skies, I ran out the door to get things done. It was gorgeous all morning and most of the afternoon. In fact, I posted some pictures on Instagram with snarky little captions.

gorgeous day in northern Italy
"According to the weather app, there's an 80% chance of rain and thunderstorms right now. Ummm???"

gorgeous view of the Italian Alps
"It's so nice, even the mountains are out! #ItalianAlps"'s a good thing I got my errands done early. Because it got crazy! I had to grab the camera and get some pictures to show how hard it was raining. I sat in my doorway and enjoyed the rain and sunshine.

flash thunderstorm
flash thunderstorm
little rainbow in my yard


  1. I love rain....we are supposed to get some tomorrow and I'm really hoping it happens.

  2. first of all, gosh that is beautiful!
    secondly, great pictures! :)
    The rain coming pretty!

  3. Wow!!! That's quite the rainstorm. But both the sunny pictures and the rainy pictures are pretty!