Monday, May 27, 2013

Spring or Winter?

Did the White Witch reincarnate and take residence in the mountains? What is going on?

Why is there snow in the mountains again? Why is it freezing in my house again? WHYYYY?

Okay so this picture was taken last Friday, so it's not quite so bleak right now. But still. WHY?

I was back to sweatpants and a hoodie and layers and even a little heater action over the weekend. Not cool!

And it hailed yesterday.

It's supposed to be nice-ish for the next few days and then back to the rain and gloom. Boo!

*If you got the White Witch reference, you and I can be best friends*
"I see you are an idiot, whatever else you may be. Answer me, once and for all, or I shall lose my patience. Are you human?"


  1. You mean there are people in the world who don't know who the White Witch is? I hate it when the weather starts regressing. We had to turn the furnace on in our house again last week. Oh well. One of these days it will be warm again.

  2. It's amazing how quick the weather can switch!

  3. NARNIA!!

    We currently have this exact same weather. BOO

  4. Ugh, it's doing the EXACT same thing here in WA. Was nice and warm for an entire week and then BOOM it's cold again. I'm pretty sure that week was our entire summer.... hahah. Just kidding, I hope!

  5. I never minded the cool summers in Germany, but the lack of sun killed me! I don't mind boots and sweater weather if I could just get a little sunshine every now and then.

  6. Oh the weather has been so weird here as well! Just this morning I went walking and it was HOT! And then I walked outside after lunch and it was cloudy, windy and COLD! So crazy.

  7. YUCK! I am working on an icky weather post too, Montana has very Bi-polar weather. I hope it looks better now!