Sunday, June 16, 2013


daddy and me
Me and my daddy on the Big Island

I love airports and I hate planes.

Traveling is always filled with mixed feelings. Like this trip for instance:

My sweet husband wrote this message to me on Facebook and got me all teary:

Facebook love

Now that I've traveled some with Will, I hate traveling without him. I get slightly...not agitated, but...maybe stressed...when traveling. I've been traveling long distances for almost 17 years so I've got the whole system down. I even impressed the security guards at the Venice and Amsterdam airports. Nope, no belt or anything in my pockets. Here's my baggy of liquids. Everything's already on the conveyor and I'm off before the people ahead of me even have all their things collected. Anyway, I get slightly stressed about triple checking to make sure I'm at the right gate with the right flight number. I always feel like I'm going to miss the announcements and somehow miss my flight. I'm just a bundle of nerves until I'm on the plane. Will keeps me calm in situations like that. And he's great for cuddling and as a pillow on the flight. And he carries all the heavy stuff in his backpack for me. His presence is always missed when I travel without him.

But I'm overly excited about finally going to Portland after almost two years of being away. It'll be so good for my soul and morale to see all of my friends and my family and the city I grew up in.

Venice airport
These were all solar powered so as the sun rose, they rocked back and forth more and more. So fun to watch!
Venice airport
I tried to find my bag as they loaded the plane in Venice.
above the clouds
Somewhere north of Italy and south of the Netherlands
Amsterdam airport
The big beautiful plane taking me home to Portland
on the plane
Bathroom picture on the plane...this was about halfway through when I started to lose my sanity.

Mama and I dropped off my things and immediately headed out to get me a phone. I have lots of people to see and Will needed a way to get a hold of me so getting a US phone was absolutely first priority. But first, we stopped for Dutch Bros Coffee. I had to post this picture because one of my friends always posts his coffee pictures from Dutch Bros when he visits Portland. Finally, it's my turn to rub it in his face.

Dutch Bros Coffee

After we got my phone and walked around Bridgeport Village, we stopped by Uwajimaya for some delicious Asian and Hawaiian food. We were so good and restrained ourselves and only walked out with three bags...and 4 Beard Papa's cream puffs. I haven't eaten mine yet. I'm saving them for breakfast.

Beard Papa's cream puffs
10500 SW Beaverton-Hillsdale HWY
Beaverton, OR 97005

By the time we got home again, the excitement of being home finally wore off and I crawled into bed. Day 1 down. So happy to be home!


  1. Oh goodness, I can totally relate to this! I hate traveling without my hubs. I feel like something is missing. One of the hardest things I ever did was fly back from Japan to the states on my own with my 5 month old. 3 flights, 24 was tough! But nothing beats that feeling than finally making it and having helping hands there. Glad you are getting time with family!

    1. I can't even imagine how much more stressful it would be to fly international with a baby. Agreed, it's all worth it once you get there.

  2. Hurray for being home!! That must be so incredibly awesome! I also consider myself a pro at international flying--I've done it plenty of times by myself, but never with Angel yet.

  3. Woohoo were in the same time zone!

    The picture of the mountain caps covered in clouds - amazing!!!

  4. Firstly, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! So glad you get to spend it in PDX if you can't spend it with your husband.

    Secondly, I am with you on flying--I can do it, and I'm a pro at it, but I usually don't get anxious at much else except flying solo.

    Please please please give the northwest a huge hug for me, and take lots of pictures!

  5. How long will you be in Portland? Funny enough, my husband and I will be there the first week of July. His family is from Beaverton.

  6. Yay! So happy for you that you get to be home and spend time w/ your family. 2 years is a long time to be away. Have the BEST time!!!!!

  7. Mmm. I haven't had any Beard Pappas since I lived in Hawaii!

  8. I dislike traveling alone too but have fun!

  9. Yay for being home. I'm not a fan of traveling either. Especially with children. If it's just me, I can distract myself with books.