Wednesday, July 31, 2013


Will: "I weighed myself today. I gained more weight!"
Ech: "I love you, but I really don't care."
Will: "We measured our arms and..."
Ech: "Now I really don't care."
[15 minutes and several topics later]
Will: "So like I was saying, we measured our arms..."

I can't escape it. I now have one of those husbands who wants to talk about the gym, his shake regimen, how much weight he has gained, what vitamins he's taking...blah, blah, blah. I like hearing how his gym time is going, but I really won't remember or care if he gained a pound or that he figured out that he needs to drink his pre-work out "X" amount of minutes before he leaves his room.

I'm not heartless or completely uninterested in something that clearly interests my husband.

I care if his right shoulder still hurts from the day it locked up and made him drop his weight.
I care that he's starting to gain confidence in his body.
I care that he's forgoing precious hours of sleep for a longer workout.
I care that he has spilled his shake on his PT shirt two days in a row and today he's shirtless to avoid another laundry run.
I care when he runs low on shake mix and I will immediately order a new carton.

I definitely like the endless giggles and laughter that comes along with my more confident man. Ever since I told him I noticed his gym time he has been throwing in random corny poses to show off his new muscles. If I ask him how his six pack is coming along, instead of answering, he'll move his iPad to the desk and whip off his shirt to show me. [Normally I'd have a picture here, but he's too shy to let me post his abs. But trust me, he's looking good!]


  1. haha! Guys. It's an odd world. Angel just posted a picture of the scale with his weight on it on facebook...he seems to be working out alot without his wife around to distract him. I'm all for muscles, though.

  2. It's funny how guys are like that. Mine does the whole pre-workout mix and post-workout mix plus vitsmins too. Although I have to admit that I'm the one always talking about my workout and results.