Saturday, September 28, 2013

Checking In

Will's deployment homecoming has been very boring so far. He sleeps and eats a lot. I play a lot of video games. We watch a lot of tv and movies. This week we're going to go on some adventures so stay tuned for that. Meanwhile, this is what's been going on in the Ech & Will house:

- We spent $150+ on groceries on our first commissary run. I wanted to punch him in the stomach and tell him to stop eating so much.

- I was playing video games while Will watched Vines on his iPad. I'm not sure how, but this happened:

sleeping husband

He was all curled up against me and had fallen asleep with his head on my shoulder. I wanted to wake him up and squeeze him, it was so cute! But I didn't. I was nice and let him sleep.

- Will finished in-processing in two days. He's a rockstar! (In-processing basically means registering/checking in with Finance, Command, Medical, etc to let them know he's back)

- Have you played Little Inferno? So pointless and so addicting and so fun. Will and I played a real life version.

Little Inferno

- Will went upstairs to lie down while I watched Grey's Anatomy downstairs. When I walked up, this is what I found:

He thought I had come up while he was sleeping and tried to cuddle it. Scared the crap out of him! Haha! I wish I could take credit for setting that up.

Now he's on base working out and running some errands. It's going to be his first workout in a couple weeks so I'm guessing he's not going to be very happy with his progress when he gets back. Everyone has been complimenting his big new muscles, but he's been feeling blah since he's been home.


  1. You trying to cuddle that blanket is hilarious

  2. haha! It's like you got to prank him without even trying! Man, I wish something like that could happen to Angel sometime!

  3. Haha when Tom came back we went to the store every day for a week after he got back. It was ridiculous, but an indulgence he needed. Glad you have him back!

  4. Sounds like a great Homecoming! That's one nice thing about being overseas. You don't have an influx of family and friends right away.

  5. i'm dying. haha him cuddling the sheets - oh my gosh if only you could have filmed his reaction!