Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Glued Together

I'm not going to lie. Will is driving me nuts! But I can't get enough of him. I went to base with him to run around and get him in-processed. (His post-deployment leave starts as soon as he in-processes so we're trying to get the checklist done as soon as possible.) We ran around all over the place and I spent most of it sitting around waiting on him. But it was worth it for the time we spent between things.

I introduced him and one of the other guys to f'real milkshakes. I was introduced to them a couple weeks ago and I had to share the 600 calories of deliciousness. I originally wanted a coffee, but then I wanted a milkshake...and then I couldn't decide. So we got one of each and were supposed to share. I'll tell you right now, that didn't work out at all. I forgot that my fatfat of my husband is a terrible drink sharer so I only got a couple sips of milkshake. I had to protect my white mocha or else he would have drank all of that too.

f'real and Starbucks

I forgot how much Will eats. I made him breakfast, but he was starving again by 10 so he had to have a Subway sandwich. Then he ate again at 1 with me. I think by the end of the day he had eaten at least 6 full meals.

I dropped him off at the command building to do paperwork and I went to the laundromat. He had put a bunch of dirty laundry in the basket without my knowing. I was blindsided by all kinds of stinky boy smells when I started loading the washers. Thanks, Babe. I loaded everything and settled into the hard plastic chairs to wait. I looked up and there was my husband standing in front of me. It was one of the most confusing moments of my life. I guess the person they need wasn't in so one of the guys drove him to meet me.


While we were waiting for the laundry Will suddenly yells out, "I just saw a Backstreet Boy!" He was glued to the tv and was starting to doubt himself when when suddenly Nick Carter's face appeared. He was so proud of himself for being right. Life's little victories I guess.

We got his new iPhone set up and turned in our new gas coupon card before calling it a day. It wasn't until we were in our pj's and fully committed to lazy mode that I realized we still hadn't taken a picture of the two of us together. So I scooted over to his side of the bed and forced him to smile. We were laughing at how forced and awful our smiles were so we tried again. I think we both just wanted to lie in bed and watch movies. It's the best we could do at the time. Maybe we'll try again today when he gets back from his briefing and paperwork.

Lazy Mode


  1. haha, I guess it's easy to forget little things that can be irritating, but, thank goodness, also easy enough to love people in spite of those things :)

  2. haha--men eat a LOT! I swear I make dinner just as big for Angel and I as I used to make for my family with all those kids!

  3. Even though it's so wonderful to have them home they can get annoying after a while haha. :)

  4. The whole eating thing - I have the exact same problem with Carl! We will eat before we leave the house and then as soon as we start driving he's hungry again and normally stops to get food haha. SO HAPPY HE'S HOME

  5. Girl that's how I am when C is around it seems. I'm a TOTAL leech. Hahah.
    So happy he's home!!!! I know you can't wait till he gets his leave.

  6. so funny! i have a weird thing where i don't eat my last bite of a meal. when my husband wants what i have he'll ask if it's my "last bite"--even if i'm only halfway done, lol. glad you guys are together again!

  7. hahah the backstreet boy comment = hilarious!
    & yay a picture of y'all - forced smiles or not, so cute!

  8. Your comments about his eating made me laugh. My fiance also eats a ton (just check out tomorrow's post for proof!). When we moved in together, I TRIPLED my grocery budget figuring he would probably eat twice as much as me. It's not even close to being enough. :/