Monday, September 16, 2013

My Family is Awesome

I wasn't asked to share or promote this book. I want to because my great uncle is a veteran of the 442nd, whose story is depicted. He is still active in veteran events, which I think is amazing!

Comprehensive, historically accurate 30 page manga about the 100th/442nd
Regimental Combat Team, the most highly decorated unit in US military history.
The 100th/442nd RCT was a segregated army unit of WWII, made up of Japanese Americans. Most were originally from Hawaii. They were discriminated against because of their ethnic heritage, but fought and died to prove their loyalty to their country, the United States of America. They were not wanted and not trusted, but soon won the respect and admiration of others with their extraordinary guts, fighting prowess, commitment to each other, and humanity.

Their story is the story of America.

JOURNEY OF HEROES was created to raise awareness of the Nisei soldier, most specifically the exploits of the 100th/442nd Regimental Combat Team, and to do so in a modern, engaging, and accessible format for a wide audience. It is a comprehensive, historically accurate, 30-page book highlighting the achievements of the United States' most highly decorated unit for its size and time in combat through 70 years of history, from pre-WWII to present day. The book is internationally acclaimed, having been in the media in Italy and Japan as well as the US, and has made appearances at numerous Japanese American and/or Nisei veteran museums and cultural centers, army museums and historically significant sites, and has exhibited at the prestigious Comic Con International in San Diego in 2013.

I just ordered my copy and if you'd like to get one for yourself here's the site: 442 Manga

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  1. Oh wow this sounds like an amazing book.

  2. that is so VERY cool! I will definitely look into this book. it's so awesome that his story was able to be captured!