Monday, October 7, 2013

Life Lessons

Our life lesson of the week: Automated car washes are our best friends and are so much more fun than the do-it-yourself washes.

I had illusions of laughter and sponge fights and maybe sneak attacking each other with the water hoses and a well-washed car. But that's just for the movies. It was too cold for water fights; there were no sponges anywhere; and the time limit made us panic so we did a crappy job. On top of all that, we spent double the amount feeding the time machine than it would have cost to through the automated wash.

car wash

We were over at our friends' house apartment the other day. They live on the second floor and their kitchen overlooks the cars. Our roof definitely has tiger stripes. I blame that one on Will. The spot we missed on the back bumper, however, was my fault.

See that building in the background of the picture? That's the drive-through automated car wash. That's the one we'll be hitting up from now on.


  1. haha! Real life vs. the movies. Where we are, at least with how speedy Angel is, we can still get through a DIY car wash for fewer quarters than an automated one would take, but I like the automated ones. They feel like an adventures. Like the car is getting attacked by seamonsters and you're trapped inside, hoping that this time you'll escape! Oh, is that a little over-dramatic?

  2. I have actually NEVER taken my car through a car wash - but i'd like to! :)

  3. My husband always washes his truck on his own. He doesn't trust automated ones. I guess he worries something will break and it'll scratch his precious truck??

  4. I have made this same mistake on base lol

  5. Haha I love automated car washes!!!! So much better than hand washing. :)

  6. This is too funny. I think I would have preferred the automated car wash too!