Tuesday, October 29, 2013


I have a major love/hate relationship with Venezia (Venice). It's so gorgeous and full of hidden gems. We're always finding awesome shops, delicious food, and gorgeous views. But it's a ridiculous maze trying to get anywhere. When we find a cool painting or mask or journal or whatever we buy it immediately because we're never going to be able to find that shop again.

My friend's parents were so easy to travel with. They wanted to see a few major sites, shop, and wander. I loved them! So that's exactly what we did. We saw the Rialto Bridge and Saint Mark's Square and shopped and wandered.

Venezia Santa Lucia train station
Rialto Bridge
Tarnowska's American Bar
Saint Mark's Square

Will wanted to point out that the basilica has been under restoration construction since before we moved to Italy. "It has been more than two years and they're still working on it!"


  1. That looks like such a cool place to visit! But I've been to places similarly confusing before--once you find a certain street or shop, you're guaranteed never to find it again.

  2. It's been under restoration since before we got here which was almost 4 years ago! I surely thought they'd be done by the time we left. I guess not!

  3. it is truly so beautiful!
    man - the water in between the houses - traveling by boat - that is just..SO COOL!

  4. I'm so jealous! What a gorgeous place.

  5. What a gorgeous place! I hope I get to visit one day :)