Thursday, November 21, 2013

Christmas Cards

This year I decided I'm going to make our Christmas cards. I don't know why. I'm not a crafty person so I'm a little confused why I'm doing this to myself...and the recipients of our cards. But whatever. I'm going to try.

Today we tried to get pictures outside with the Italian farmlands surrounding our town as the backdrop. But Will couldn't stop squinting. I want to show you a picture but he has forbidden it. He has a squint/angry eyebrows in Every.Single.Picture. He couldn't pull it together for just one shot. It wasn't even sunny! It was overcast! But I guess his delicate eyes are too sensitive.

So scratch that idea. Instead we took pictures inside with a tripod and the timer setting. Will was complaining about how many pictures I kept taking, but let's be real...he's the reason we had to take so many.

First, he did crazy eyes. Then, he did squinty eyes.

Next, came the faces.

We liked the left one, but the one on the right looked like a pregnancy announcement. We're not there yet.

We really liked these final two, but they didn't make the cut. We were looking at each other in last year's photo. Don't want to get repetitious.

If you want to be on our Christmas list, send us an email! We'd love to add you.


  1. haha! You guys are so cute in your Christmas sweater-t-shirts! I make our Christmas cards every year because I think it's a great excuse for crafting, but my parents still include Angel and I in their family picture (last year it was brady bunch style because we all live separately) so we don't do pictures yet.

  2. I love these sweater shirts!!! They are super fun and awesome. :)

  3. I realy like the one that y'all liked too! SO CUTE seriously. <3
    and the sweater shirts uh love! where did you find those?!
    and yesssssss I want to be on the Christmas list! then I can add y'all to ours!

  4. I think these are fun! The "outtakes" are the best. I think some of those should go on the card.

  5. These are too funny! I love the shirts. I can't decide what to do for xmas cards this year. Being single makes it a bit harder b/c I'm not going to send a pic of just me standing there. Haha! So still need to come up w/ something creative. Hope you like the way your cards come on. Good for you for being crafty.

  6. Such sweet photos! :D And DIY christmas cards are a good idea, I'm sure you'll manage them :)