Monday, November 4, 2013

In-House Rivalry Results

So I bet you're wondering how Sunday's big Ech & Will rivalry game went. We had been looking forward to the Seahawks v Buccaneers game since they first announced the schedules. The first thing I did when I woke up was shove Will in the back. He slapped me back. I slapped him back. Then a flurry of slaps broke out accompanied by trash talk. When we calmed down, we put on our jerseys and went about our lazy day of video games and Doctor Who (Will is finally getting around to watching it. At first he was only watching it because he was tired of not understanding what I was talking about. But now he's hooked. He just met the 10th Doctor, who I love.)

Here's our pre-game faces. Excited. Happy. Loving each other. Excited. Loving our teams. Excited.

He wore an old school Dunn jersey. I wore a new school Lynch jersey. Yep, we love running backs.

But then all hell broke loose and I got super salty super fast. The Buccs had an amazing first half and dominated. Yes, I can appreciate their talent. But I was (still am) PISSED! We are one of the favorites to go to the Super Bowl! HOW IS THIS HAPPENING!?

So this is our half time thoughts:

My Hawks had a good second half and tied it up. I couldn't sit still the whole second half. I'm pretty sure I held my breath all through overtime. But my Hawks came through with the win. I'm so happy! A win is a win, no matter how dirty.

Will walked away and took some alone time when I tried to get a post-game picture. Understandable. I would have handled it a lot worse than he did had the roles been reversed.

As mad as I am that my team didn't destroy his team as predicted, I'm glad it was an entertaining game to watch. Edge of your seat kind of entertaining. Will is still a little salty today. I wore my Beast Mode shirt. I brought him an FSU shirt to wear since the Seminoles won big against Miami (Wooooo yay!) We had a blast watching that game too. My Ducks had a bye this week so I put on my FSU shirt and cheered for the Noles.

I wish that Bama would mess up so UO and FSU could go to the BCS Bowl. That would be pretty awesome.

So that was our weekend. We were lazy, played a lot of video games, watched some awesome football, and trash talked each other.


  1. You guys are adorable! haha love it.

  2. haha! Your halftime picture cracked me up!!

  3. A house divided for sure! I love the photo documentation of the day... Will walking away says it all ;)

  4. This cracked me up :) Luckily, my hubby and I love the same football team, otherwise, it would definitely get that contentious in our house too!

  5. You guys are adorable! How fun to have those rivalries

  6. You guys are adorable! Luckily Lance and I like just about the same teams haha