Thursday, November 14, 2013

Photography Skills

Yesterday's post was a big deal for Will. It was the first time he was the exclusive photographer. Normally he plays around and takes pictures of whatever he wants and I take the camera anytime there's something important or pretty. He was pretty nervous, but he did a really good job...minus these...

His explanations:
1 - "I missed the dog."
2 - "You said you wanted a picture of the windows! I got you a picture of the windows."
3 - No explanation, jus
t laughter.
4 - "I wasn't trying to get her butt. I was really trying to get the dog. And I did. So I'm not lying. Ha! No for real, I was trying to get the dog."
5 - "At least I got part of the dog!"
6 - No explanation, just points at the dog.
7 - "The baby was sleeping."
8 - No explanation, just points at the dog.


  1. Haha, good explanations, usually involving dogs. If Malcolm has the camera he usually forgets to take any photos at all.

  2. Ahaha this is adorable. At least he gets interesting angles?

  3. Haha at least he can explain all of his unusual pictures.

  4. These are funny! They really aren't too bad… he's got potential! Hey - you have to start somewhere! :)